"...and, by the dog, gentlemen of the jury---for I must tell you the truth..." --Apology, 21e

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I have added AdSense to the Bweneum!Blog. See if you want it on this site. My concern is here, specifically the copyright clause. All the images on Bweneum!Blog are mine, so I know they aren't a problem. Where's a damn lawyer when you need one...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's a very real world we live in.
It's a very real world...and so on and so forth.

Zoo fights heatwave with meat ice cream

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Baptist Group's Leaders Convicted
Investors Lost $585 Million, Jesus decides its time to pound some porky ass.(WaPo)
net access may not be the best thing in the world for me...
But then how else would you cats find out about Aria?
Here's the video page for you non-cyrillic reading mother fuckers.
(And no, I do not have any idea what they are singing. its so much better that way.)
America's Army
The real deal. Note that it is "T" for "Teen, not "M" for "Mature".
All the downloads are PC, but I think i've seen it on x-box, ps2?
Oh, and First to Fight, too.
As the World Cup came to a close, this became the focus of our group. and hookas & schwarma's. lots of hookas and schwarma's. and for better or worse, i think i have figured out how the scoring mechanism in skat works.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Give me a ring sometime, Colonel.
I'm Back.

Pharyngula has a nice picture of flying cephalopods this morning, too...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Polar Bear,

Inside the gardens at Catherine's Palace,

Soviet style apartments that will eventually wrap around the entire city block,

The heart of the city under the Tsars.

just a sampling, palaces, cathedrals, and Lenin's Tomb come later.
Quite possibly the most cheerful moment of my trip was
stumbling upon this outside a record store
my 3rd day in the 1000 yr old town of Novgorod.

I had totally forgotten about about Kitty Bukkake until tripping over BadGas tonight.
Toilet blogging from Amsterdam...
It is sunday, 10:36 am in amsterdam, I am now back in the civilized world.
Thank the dogs for soft toilet paper, inexpensive wifi,
hot water, and cheap do-it-yourself-laundry.
I suspect i will be 'home' by 9 monday night.
I can now drink tap-water without fear of Girardia!
And there are ice machines!
you crackers take care.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, Rob spawned.
Have a few cell phone minutes to spare? 217-728-2002. Dial-A-Story line for a public library. Children's stories on worn out cassettes played over the phone.

It's not a question of whether or not there are sleeper cells in the United States, but what their affiliations are: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Audio files for sampling and podcasts for the hippies.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The more I understand, the less I see.

I'm drunk, but that's ok.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

Call me when you get back from Russia you fucker. Everyone but you has my new number.

I have plans (and they don't even involve killing people).

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The more I see, the less I understand.
been a long week, probably only remmber half of it.
visited the russian museum, large oil painting of Pompeii blowing its top, some folk art including a wooden carving of 30 mice in a procession carrying th the hogtied body of a cat.
went through catherines palace, place is modeled after versaille, but the hall of mirrors is 10 times bigger. visited the legislature and supreme court of St. Petersburg, met the chief justice, here called a president of the court. the structure of the gov't in Russia is nuts. there are 38 'subjects' which are like states, and st. pete and moscow are each states, not just cities. ate at an irish pub one for one of the guys b-days, had a guiness thast was way overpriced. ate at a british place called 'Dickins' last night, there was an australien man singing and playing guitar. hit up a banya, russian bath house. there was a sauna, then the cold bath, then a hooka room, the massage roo, and a billiards room, the whole flat of the building was pprivate to our group.
no classes tomorrow, so tonight begins our last weekend in st. petersburg.
over the wekend we're hitting up the yusoprov palace, th hermitage, a hyrofoil ride, visiting a battleship, and i don't know what all else. probably going to hit up 'the idiot', a vege friendly restaurant, the ethnogrophy museum which has Peter the greats collection of babies in jars, and maybe even a cabaret show.
Not only did i miss AC this week, but billy idol was here last week. I've bought like 16 metal albums here, none in english.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Syd Barrett: Tits Up!

Give us a ring when the phone's back on.

For reference, layout of a Russian Cyrillic "jeyboard." You try typing on that damned thing when you're sloshed.

Oh, and motion to start a Bush twins erotic fiction contest. No Bush Sr., gerbiling, or Star Trek crossover slash.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

In Re: You Drunk Son of a Bitch
The jeyboards here are in cyrillic, and the letters are worn off...
Tonight we watched the final world cup gae, rance gave Italy a hard run for the win. till no roulette yet but i understand the russian billiards now.
Sorry about deleting the comments, you should repost for posterity.
I missed anal cut, but the game was worth it.
On the route home we stopped for Schwarma, the cook asnd cashier are both Palestinian.
The cook was born hre in Russia, i think. the cashier is younger, and is from palestine.
Th cook is namd "Marat" and the other fellow is named "Imad", i think.
They gav us beer after the schwarma, a russian gift to stay and talk.
Marat is studying business and marketing,
Imad is wanting to be an OB/GYN. h has delivered a baby already.
Being Foreign, they do not get the local gov't subsidy, and so operate a schwarma stand to pay for school.

I cannot wait to share pictures.
Assbaby, today outside catherines palace, therwe was a t-shirt with "McLenin's" lenin bust on McD arches...
class tomorrow, later.
(Give Cat-kitty my lovin')

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rasputin's penis in a jar is 30 cm long....or so we are told we will se when visiting the museum of erotica later in the week. sorry about the multiple postings, the computers over here are a little primitive. The night before finals we hit up a local club here in the neighborhood, not bad, but a bit laid back. the euro techno was approaching enigma, brokn by the occasional track from the King. Th chili pepper vodka is indeed incedible. one shot opens every pore of your body and your sinuses, throughouly liminating the need for any other drink for at least an hour. the two pit stops closest to our hotl that we are thriving off of, or rather, are thriving off of us, are th sushi plac and the schwarma place. we are now on a first nam basis with the schwarma stand cook, who just completed an english language course here at the studnt center. there are a number o stray cats that live around the stand (locasted just outside the metro) who oddly npough do not like schwarma. There is a short crazy lady who looks sa little filthy to be a gypsey that has started dancing and singing at the corner there as well.

riday was exams, two hoiurs of the worst bullshitting ever. i know monopoly/antitrust better than expected, but the international law exam didn't dal with our case on international shrimp exports so my confidfence on it is a little down. no grades though, so....
that evening we found ourselves on the other side of the city looking for a night club calld the bombshelter, because it is in an old bomb shelter. when we got there there a loal band playing, some sort o alternative/ funk jam with a spoken word/ white rap vocal style. not bad but not good either. there was also foozball. by the time we had left the club the metro was noi longer running and we eared we might beat the bridges, which are raised for a few hours eerynight for the boats to go through. we hailed a taxi, 8 of us climbing in, and as he was beginning to go a van of polic e pulled in front uf hi. we quickly ran out and hailed another at the end of the block, but he would only carry 4. the other 4 of us went up to the next corner where the original cab fellow pulled in and picked us up. h assured us he could get us to the other side of town before the bridges went up. I have never in my life experienced such a taxi ride. thankully, the mans speedometer didn't work. we were the onlky ones who got hoe that night, everyone else caght ther bridge and got tosit on the other isl\and until 5 in the morning. our guy had us across town in 7 minutes, dropping us off in front of our schwarma stand. by metro, (a straight line as opposed to the many curves, etc, of wrangling th eanals,)the trip is usually 14. we tipped very heavy.
Today we we visited the summer palace of peter the 1, as well as his summer garden, and the war field, a nice outdoor park underneath which lies the bodies of the soldiers who died in the civil war. we also visided pushkin's house and saw his library, and dueling guns. these things are all on wikipedia for your dification.
I am off to the casino, tomorrow we visit Catherines palace.
Jim Woodring's blog (lifted from memepool).

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is DNA Crab Splash Amore

So questions our youthful Russian Brethren. Graffiti here is insane. they love english and hate the G8. been a long week. I am now in St. Petersburg, the so called Venice of the north, canals a-plenty and fancy buildings. When you're in the down town area. We're actually staying at a place called the student center on the upper north side, the equivalent of the Bronx. For scale, New York city is about 8.1 million, St. Petersburg is about 4.6, and Moscow is 10.4 or so. Moscow is also the most expensive city in the world, according to wikipedia...Novgorod was about 216,000.
Last Thursday night, we all had a big fancy banquet in one of the towers of the kremlin in Novgorod, mead, vodka, fresh fruits and all the works. excellent. there was singing and dancing and toasting, we basically had the whole restaurant all to ourselves. between the tree or four schools and the teachers and the locals there are about 35 or so of us.
then we visited a local dance club called the talisman, euro-techno. and more beer. beer is truly safer than water here, even the locals buy bottled water because the tap wter makes you sick.
Friday night we take a train up to moscow, ariving around 5 in the morning, the metro doesn't start to run until 6 so we ate some real shitty bread/pastry sort of shit over priced in the moscow train station. then we head up to red square. the palce if fucking huge. lenin's tomb, the body looks real waxy, apparently every 3 years or so they take him out and re-preserve whatever. looks fake by now but there is some decay at the fingertips. we then hike up Tverskaya street, the equivalent of 5th avenue, to Pushkin Park. Ate at some fancy sports bar and watched Portugal beat England.
Excellent game, best one i've seen yet.
we roamed the city all day, went through a few museums, etc. the cathedrals here all charge entrance fees, and then additional fees to take pictures inside...
at 12:30 am we finally board the train to go on to St. Petersburg, arrivibng around 7 am sunday morning.
This place is fucking insane.
One block is fancier than paris, turn the corner and you're in a third world country. there is no middle ground, no middle class. only those weho have a lot and those who have none.
every monday is champagne monday, bottles of champagne run around $2-3. popular cuisines aside from traditional russian fare (stroganoff, 'salad', potatoes) includes sushi restaurants and 'schwarma', some sort pita wrap with cucumbers tomatoes, and a mystery meat that looks like pork but is most likely realy dry lamb, smotherd in sour cream. there are pizza huts, sbarro, and kfc, there are no taco bells.
today in the grocery store i found a kids cereal called kosmostars, trastes like corn pops sort of.
yesterday we got a tour of the law school, looks nice, not as fancy as expected, fewer books than expected, but a lot more computers. also, the realy old books from the beginning of the soviet union are on display and available to students to dig through. we saw a special room where the faculty, which includes Putin, go to have little meetings on the curriculum and such, my roommate even sat in putin's chair.
I saw an anal cunt sticker in the metro.
they have a popular drink here called 'funky juz' (juice) that is essentially grape soda with 7,0% alcohol. also, there is a kind of vodka with chili peppers in it.
first finals are friday. should have some pictures as soon as i can get the wifi password for my laptop.

Squat the World Cool Joker
(more graffiti...)
My cell phone is gone and my landline is out of commission. It should be up again by Monday at the latest. Hopefully, it will work much sooner.